About Us



The Lord has greatly blessed the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH in Wilmer, Texas by making it possible to celebrate our 100th Anniversary on October 16, 2016. We have reached a large milestone and we feel a great sense of accomplishment and privilege to be a part of this occasion. I am joyful to be the one to extend to each of you a heart-felt welcome and pray the Lord will bless you this day.


There have been men and women who have given their lives in faithful service and sacrifice to bring us to this day. We thank God for their faithful service. Many of these people have gone on to be with the Lord, but there are a few still with us, Harvey Parker, Henry Landrum and Olma Loggins. They have been a blessing to me and the First Baptist Church of Wilmer. We look to the Lord for our help and ask for your prayers that we will be faithful as those who have gone before us.


This celebration is not only a look to the past but to the future as well. I thank the Lord for my co-workers, Wally and Jan Bryant. I look forward to working with them and pastoring the wonderful people of the First Baptist Church of Wilmer.


Pastor David Finus Bugg